Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What to give the fan WHO has everything.

A Tardis Snuggie of course.

Mr. Man and Mr. D have been friends since high school.  Both are huge Doctor Who fans, and Mr. D was mostly responsible for K becoming a fanatical Who fangirl.

We wanted to make something special for Mr. D and it had to be something Doctor Who realted and unique.    We had a friend make him a ceramic dalek a few years ago and we made him fez and bow tie ornaments for his Christmas tree.  He, of course, put them on his ceramic dalek.

After Christmas last year, we were in Kroger and saw Tardis blue snuggies on sale and it just hit us.  It took almost 6 months to figure out all the bits, but last July, K and I put it together.

I did the machine work and K did all the hand sewing

Yes, it is Miss Kitty approved.

And Teenager approved as well.

For the signage, I typed up the words and found the St. John Ambulance symbol online.  Irons and fleece do not mix, so I ironed T-shirt transfers onto cotton panels.  Turned out rather well.

Mr. D was,... surprised.

The white hat was a last minute addition. We thought it added the perfect finishing touch.

Thanks Mr. D, for everything.  And you won't mind if I submit this picture to Doctor Who Insider, do you?  Nah, you won't mind.