Thursday, June 25, 2009

What to wear? Hum....

OK, what are you all wearing to the HP premier? Not much time left! K wants to be Ginny in her new Seeker uniform, and I haven't even started. I've seen one picture, but I haven't even started thinking about how to pull it off. And I will only have one short week to do it! The shirt, pants and pinny are no big deal, but the pads, gloves and boots! Oh my!

I got a comment asking for the Mandrake pot label, so I know someone is thinking of being a mandrake or at least making one. Wonderful! Here it is!

The label is also available in my original Mandrake costume post, and I have put it on Fickr, under Mandrake pot label. And just so it isn't lost, I'll send it to the crafts section of the Leaky Lounge. Have fun and please leave me a comment with a link to a picture! I would love to see your costume!

I was thinking of being Professor Sprout and making a pot to carry around. But the time is so short. Might just have to be Trelawny again. Fits my personality and it's quite fun. Especially the hair. Mr. Man makes a great Lupin, so I might go for Tonks, the pink would cover the grey. Though I prefer purple to pink.

OK, so what who are you going to be? Hum?...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Royal Dalton in Red Heart

Just finished my Divination homework. Took a bit of experimenting, but K loves it so we are calling it a success!

Took quite a bit of rip and redo to get it the way I wanted it and it is a bit wonky in the picture, but, I think that adds to it's charm.
Speaking of which, my lil'cup charmed a bunch of kids at K's swim practice . I have had a small group of wet children, watching, asking questions and, just today, learning to crochet. Girls and boys!!! And their parents were thrilled!
Tomorrow I'm bringing as many hooks and balls of yarn as I can find and I'm going to create a new generation of yarn crazy people. Mwaaaahhaaahaaa!!
I'm evil, but in a creative way.

Whimsy Swap! Our Box!

Our partner magicalspirit has received and opened her box!

This is what we sent: Warning Pic Spam!

We just happened to have a jewelry box that was just the right size. It was a decorate your own kit, covered with butterflies and flowers. We were thrilled to find out partner loves butterflies! Was that perfect of what!

Miss Kitty did not fit in the box. Neither did our cauldron in cushion. But we stuffed it in the shipping box anyway. Miss. Kitty got in the box, checked it out and decided it was not suitable for a nap and got out.

Here's all the goodies packed in,

We love Origami and Magical spirit loves paper craft so, perfect! She also like dragon flies,

And we thought she might like a dragon who flies, if you throw him. Throwing not recommended.

And a tiny tulip in a pot of Alabama red dirt.

And a pair of butterfly earrings

And a necklace to match

And some tiny books,

And an origami book mark,

And a snail, who is translucent and very cool to fold,

And a lily pad with a tiny frog, which are both very tricky to fold, K had to help me with the lily pad.

And a panda, one of K's specialties,

And a tiny space shuttle, because we live in the Rocket City,

And another one of our favorite things, flower fairy dolls, handmade and so much fun,

And she likes beads, so a beaded dragon fly.

And a small gazing ball for her favorite plant

We also sent her a bar of soap, handmade by a lady we volunteer with at Burritt Museum, from milk from her goat named Scout. It was Apple Jack and we thought it smelled wonderful. K wrapped it in some paper she hand dyed. (She is big into watercolors at the moment.) K also shared some of her favorite things in the world, tiny erasers.

And a necklace to keep something she loves close to her heart.

We also sent her some crocheted goodies, a Clover, for luck, with a mossy bookmark,

And a crochet leaf bookmark, though K thinks it makes a neat necklace,

And last but not least, a ton of Puffles, because Magicalspirit is a fan of Club Penguin, some beads in our favorite tiny bottles, stickers, a glow in the dark bouncy ball, an eyeball ping pong ball, craft foam snowflakes, sequins, some cute note paper in a orental sho box, an oriental purse and a bunch more little stuff.

We hope she liked it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whimsey swap!

We received our Whimsy Swap from Caitirin! Thank you !!!!

K saw the postman deliver the box and started squealing "It's Here! It's Here!" and ran out to get it. We were just about to race across town to K's first swim meet, so we didn't have time to open it till this morning. K wanted to open it soooo bad last night at 10 when we got home, but just couldn't keep her eyes open long enough.

For this swap, we each filled a 4 cup jar/box/bag/whatever with fun crafty stuff. Caitirin filled a mason jar and it looked so cute!

The jar was stuffed full of cool craft stuff.

There are pastel pom poms, two big erasers (a lady bug and a spider,) a bunch of small erasers (flamingos, palm trees and purple flowers,) wooden letters and shapes to paint, 4 lip glosses, a bag of blue green beads and silver beads and toggle clasps, a paper punch, a flicker light (brilliant idea,) some crochet balls on a string (K loved those,) big safety pins, three gel pens, a set of tiny maracas (cute!,) three spools of ribbon, and two sets of cool buttons.

Thank you Caitirin! One of K's all time favorite things is tiny erasers, so you definitely made her day. My personal favorites are the beads and clasps, I dibbsed those already. We both love the wooden two layer dragonfly, frog, lady bug and butterfly. They are so cute and they're stickers!

Thanks you again Caitirin! We loved it all!

Monday, June 8, 2009

"I always wanted purple freckles."

K joined the swim and dive team and has the purple freckles to prove it.

They keep coming out and look even worse today.

She loves diving and in two hours went from never having even tried diving off the board head first to starting to dive backwards and get some height in her forward dive. Scares the pants off of me and I used to do the same thing. Mr. Man does not swim and would faint dead away.

Though I have to admit, watching K walking around without her glasses is much more frightening. Luckily the dive coach is in the same boat and is keeping an eye out for her.

Her first meet is Wednesday. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and eyes shut.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vacation Bible School Goodies!

I must shamefully admit, for several years, K was a Vacation Bible School Orphan. I did so much, I barely had time to eat and sleep, let alone talk to my family. My crafts were creative, well prepared and fun, I was told I was a fantastic teacher and my decorations were so good, the directors couldn't throw them out. But it was too much. I realised it was not a good thing and I quit. I've been very happy and much less stressed and can now pick K out of a line up every time.

This year was the first time in three years that, when asked, I said yes, I would do one little thing. Just one. I think that's fair. If everyone did one little thing, there wouldn't be the poor few who work day and night for weeks to make it all happen. Our director tried very gently to increase my commitment, but I stood my ground and did my one thing, in a timely fashion and never once woke up at 3 am freaking out over how to make 8 foot paper and chicken wire volcano smoke without burning down the sanctuary or how to help 100 children each make a hand painted t-shirt in only 2 hours. (I still have nightmares about those t-shirts.)
Anyway, this is what I volunteered to do.

The VBS we are doing this year is Crocodile Dock and these are Bible Buddie trading cards. You print the front and back on a sheet of cards stock, cut out 9 cards and each child gets one at then end of the day to take home. They're a big hit with the kids and very inexpensive. The first two years I designed, printed, cut and cornerounded 600+ of them. I was hallucinating by the end. This year, I only did the design part, a bunch of teenagers are going to do the printing and cutting. Love those youth volunteers.

If you could use them, I've made one set for each day and uploaded them to my flicker account. Please leave me a comment if you use them, comments make me glad. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Day of School 2009!

Today is K's last day of school! Her friend E spent the night Friday and they dyed T-shirts to wear the last day of school.

They made Mr. Man and I one as well.

Unfortunately, K spent the rest of the weekend coughing her head off, poor kiddo. Her temp is down, but she is still uber snotty and coughed most of the night. I would have let her sleep and kept her home, but she really wanted to go. You can't miss the last day!

Summer here we come!