Friday, October 31, 2008

Lady Amber of Rewall

K designed her own costume this year...

Lady Amber of Redwall: warrior squirrel, archer, only one ear, lost the other in battle.

Once again, very few people know who she is is, but she's happy. The tail was pure luck and a complete and total success, it even sways when she walks. Or does the E-slide. The bow and arrows turned out to be way too functional. The arrows are now securely hot glued in their quiver.

And just for fun, long, long ago, in our very own kitchen,

I made K's Princess Leia costume 25 years to the day after my mom and I made mine

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Just a few treats for the day.

I found these wonderful ping pong eyeballs at the grocery store and I just couldn't help myself. Modeled by my lovely assistant Igor...

A crochet Mad-Eye Moody Eye!

And, K's favorite hat...

It was K's idea to add the braids, so it would be like Ron's hat in POA. I've made three candy corn hats so far, and they are a big hit. We gave one to a friend of K's and she's worn it to school ever since. And for Halloween this friend is going as a "Spider nailed, goth angel, candy cornian!" Very cute!
Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

K has actually stopped coughing!!!!!!

Party Time!!! Lamp Shades on Heads People!!!!

"Be the bass!"

K's practicing her bass in the living room, and I'm in the kitchen making dinner.

I hear "Mom, I can't see!"

I do not panic,... because I live with her,... everyday. I walk calmly to the living room and this is what I see....

I told her I thought her Halloween costume looked great.

After she extricated herself, I got the obligatory "Oh Mom," eyes and everything. I told her I'd be here till she's 18 and to remember to tip her waitress.

She looked at me like I was insane.

Coming from a kid wearing an imitating vinyl string bass case and gaucho pants. Please. Gaucho pants are so last year.