Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh those beautiful beaches...

As a proud resident of Alabama, I am now officially opposed to off shore drilling.

Gulf Shores, you know, the Redneck Riviera, and it was just beautiful. Was may be the proper tense.

Every energy source has its problems. Solar is expensive and just doesn't work well in some areas. Wind power modifies the local climate and can harm wildlife. Nuclear produces waste that lasts forever. Coal impacts the health of the miners and it's going to run out just like oil. Veggie fuel cuts into the world food supply.

What to do?

So sad.

I LOVE this hat!

The pattern is free at Kristy and Tom and I could actually follow it! I used "I love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby and the hat is thick and soft and kinda springy, it feels wonderful. K loves this it, wore it all winter. I made her matching fingerless mittens, kinda like Rose's from Parting of the Ways, but much simpler. She was all decked out for the really cold winter we just went through.

In other hat news, I just finished my second Bella hat. K's friend E is a huge Bella fan, so I made her a grey La Push hat. When I showed her mom and she went "Mine!" and put it on. So, I'm making E another one, in Purple, to match the second one I made in tardis blue for K.

The pattern is by April Draven and it was also very easy to follow.

My first Twilight Craft, I'm so proud.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tornados, math tournaments, sleep overs and arts festivals! What a weekend!

I need a nap! This weekend never slowed up. More tornados, though not actually in our town this time. Mississippi really got it and a bit south of here too. We just kinda went about out lives, keeping an eye on the windows. K had a math tournament Saturday Morning that went on as scheduled in the AM, but cancelled the afternoon awards ceremony. Good call. So we took K and her buddy E home to play and watch Doctor Who. They built a laser beam maze in the living room.

Yup, it's still there, not sure if/when it's comin' down. I like it. Miss. Kitty thinks, well, actually I'm not sure what Miss. Kitty thinks about it. She certainly can get through it quick though.

Mr. Man and I spent Saturday evening listening to the weather radio wail. We never did have to cower in the basement, it only really got bad here for a few minutes, but that's all it takes. And it was all over by 9ish so we got to sleep through the night. Yeah!

Sunday we went to the big arts festival in town and the weather was windy, but beautiful, we all got burnt and blown away, but it was fun and got to see a drawing by K on display! Each year each school can send two pieces of art from each grade and this year her teacher picked one of K's pieces!

We were a bit worried that it had been blown away in the storm, but it was just fine.

There were tons of children's activities at the festival, and K expressed her Fan Girl pride.

The other side has Team Jacob, a Tardis and an Adipose. She so funny!

At the end of the day we heard the best Jazz quartet we have ever heard in this area. Mr. Man comes from a family of jazz musicians, semi professionals, they've sat in and played with some really amazing people, all while holding day jobs. His mom sings and still does jobs with her brother and some friends. I really know nothing about music, but even I could tell these guys were good. Mr. Man already checked out where they play and is making plans. Cool!

What a great weekend. I think I'm going to collapse.

Turning Kindergartners into Lady Bugs

I usually play with some form of sticks and strings while I wait during K's bass lesson, or piano lesson, or orchestra practice, or,... basically I wait a lot, but It's cool cause, sticks and string make me happy and never fail to start interesting conversations. Usually with small children who are dying to know what I'm doing and could they try.

This week I was sewing black dots on red shirts for the little kids in K's school play. Her bass teacher looked over at my pile of fabric and asked what I was doing. I said I was turning kindergartners into Ladybugs. He smiled and said "Black magic or costuming?" You be the judge.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The luck has returned!

The four leaf clovers are here! Late this year, like everything else, but better late than never.

Four leaf clovers are kinda my thing. I've found them since I was a wee girly. It must be a symmetry thing. My brain REALLY likes symmetry, looks for it all the time, and in a sea of three leaves, four just pop out. K's the same. She found her first when she was maybe three. Some friends were visiting and I picked them a clover for luck on their drive home. K looked at it, toddled away and came back with a fist full. They took home a bouquet of luck.

And that's the secret to clover luck: you have to give them away. You can keep a few, I have loads of them, but you have to give them to others to have any luck for yourself. And never sell them. Tried that in high school, quite lucrative, but disastrous luck wise.

There's one in every patch, maybe a dozen. Pass that luck along!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lookie what K made!

Bunny egg cozies for Easter!

One for me, and one for Mr. Man. She stuffed Mr. Man's with coffee, because he is Mr. Coffee, seriously, he has to be like 70% coffee. Mine was filled with tea, LOVE me tea!

Here they are being devoured by Big Mouth Bunny.

K made him when she was a wee thing. I think of it as "The Scream," with cotton balls and crayons. I stuff his mouth with plastic eggs and put him on the mantle every year. It makes me glad.

Thank you Sweety, we love them!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Buns, Bunnys and Bananas!

K isn't fond of chocolate, but she does like chocolate bunnies. Not to eat, just to save and look at, till they become disgusting and have to be thrown away under duress. This year, I thought I'd avoid the whole problem and make her a Chocolate Bunny she could keep without fear of loss or infestation.

I've no idea how I made Mr. Bun, just kinda reduced and increased as needed. I used "I love this yarn" and it is nice and soft. The pink ribbon is one K used to play with all the time when she was small. She smiled and said "Don't cry Mom," when she saw I'd kept it and reused it. I think I'll make one for my Mother in Law too.

K and I made the rolls and she decorated them. I love that we have gone from me making the rolls and her loving them, to a wonderful tradition we do together. All I did this year was throw the ingredients in the bread maker and cut the dough into bits, she did the shaping and decorating. One day, (God willin' and the creek don' rise,) she'll make them with her little ones. Love that.

Happy Easter!