Monday, November 22, 2010

K absolutely loved it! As far as she was concerned, she was Ginny at the Yule Ball.


I on the other hand, hate this dress and every yard of taffeta and tulle it is made of. And lace, yeah, I really hate lace.

It wasn't that it was a terribly hard dress. Especially since I have Ducky K. A few weeks ago K put on one of Mr. Man's old t shirts and watched TV for a few hours while I wrapped her in three layers of Duct tape. It's really not hard. One old t shirt, 2 big rolls of Duct tape, half a big bag of fiberfill and some PVC pipe is all you need. Two episodes of Buffy, and one Merlin Kept K entertained and we both rather enjoyed the process and the time together. Except for about 10 minutes at the very end. Note of caution: If your subject has any kind of breathing issues, be very careful how tight you wrap. And, I am not allowed to show ducky without proper attire. Too funny.


So I worked on drafting the bodice and collar on Wednesday started cutting out on Thursday, and it was going OK, but not quick. The taffeta was driving me crazy, I cut out the front bodice like 4 times, it kept shifting on me. And the collar just wasn't working for me. But I had another day so, I wasn't worried.

I 'd been coming down with a cold since the weekend, but I was OK till Thursday evening, when the sinus pressure hit. By Friday morning, I was miserable, and then Friday afternoon, my first migraine in what has to be 5 years. By Saturday Morning I just wanted to curl up in a dark corner with an icepack.

But instead, I got up, took some motrin, a sudafed and a big cup of coffee and starting sewing in my sunlit kitchen. I realized at about noon, I didn't have anywhere near enough green tulle to make it look right. I had 3 yards, it needs more like 6. With no time to get more, I just used what I had. When I tried it on K , while explaining that it was just not right, she squeeeed, said it was perfect and set to work making the buttons on the front out of polymer clay. I just love that kid!

I finished the last necessary seam on Saturday at about 3:30, just about when her friend E arrived and needed to be fitted into her Rowena Ravenclaw costume. She was going to wear the dusty purple medieval dress I made for myself about 25 years ago and has since been used to make a princess out of several young ladies. It isn't fancy, no lace, not velvet, just broad cloth and cotton, but every girl that has worn it has loved it.

30 minuted later I took my shower, then fed the girls Cheerios and Milk, helped them get dressed and then drove them to the Yule Ball. Mr. Man met us there. The girls had fun making potions and wands, getting sorted in to Gryffindor and Slytherin by the purple pimp hat, too funny, and playing trivia and winning prizes. E hasn't read all the books, so K stood next to her and tapped her arm when the correct answer was read. They, being preteens, did not dance much, only when the floor was really crowded, but K said she had a great time.

K and E at the Yule Ball

Being a raging perfectionist, I would love to do this dress over again. I'd use peach satin, which I find easier to work with, and loads more tulle. I'd definitely make the collar lighter, just two layers of tulle with the lace hand stitched to the edge, so it would be more drappy at the shoulders and I'd cut it a bit longer in the front, it needs to be just a bit pointy. And I'd use about 6 yards of 60" wide tulle for the over skirts. I made the overskirts by folding the 60" width over to about a 2/3 ratio of over to under and then gathered at the fold. 3 yards is just skimpy. 6 would be nice and fluffy. Though I don't relish the thought of sewing 15+ yards of lace on that tulle. Not at all.

Well, I'm feeling better, K had a great time and I rather enjoyed the ball myself. Mr. Man and I got to sit and talk alone for about 2 hours, so it was almost a date. Good time had by all.

Did I mention, K want's to wear it to church for Easter. :D

I am going to make this dress today. (actually last Wednesday)


The library is hosting a Yule Ball Saturday night and K wants to go as Ginny. I never even noticed Ginny's dress before, but I just love it. It's cute and sweet and the perfect dress for a tough little Weasley. I'm going for an interpretation, 10 yards + of lace, just don't have the cash. But I think I can get close. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sick day, Knitting and Kitty Mania.

We have been experiencing "flu like symptoms." Well K and I have, Mr. Man seems to just have had a bad cold. Funny, K and I got the flu shot and Mr. Man did not. Coincidence? Hum....

Anyway, in between laying around begging for Motrin and hot tea, K and I did a bit of knitting. I though it was high time she learned to knit on double points so we made little Santa Hat Ornaments! And Miss. Susan helped, of course.


K made the little one with the snow flakes. The pattern for the big hat is by Julie-Bird. I just cast on half as many stitches and winged it for the little hats.

Monkey looks just too cute in his new chapeau.


Oh dear,...


Bad Kitty!


Yes, I forgive you. Octopus and hippo came to join in the fun.


And then Miss. Susan decided she needed to sit for her portrait.


Yeah, she looks sweet, but she is one crazy ball o'fur. Climbs drapes, window screens, clothes hanging in closets, walls. Chews on anything, mostly me and K. She's driven poor Miss Kitty stark raving mad with her wild antics. Miss Kitty keeps giving me this look that screams "Why did you bring that thing home?!?!"

AND WE LOVE HER! She will lay in your lap for hours and let you pet her and cuddle her and roll over on her and all she does is purr. And then, when you're done, she jumps up and attacks your toes. Funny! Right now she's in my lap, purring like a truck, watching me type. Love her!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tea anyone?


I've wanted to make a tea cosy for years. The Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry finally gave me a good reason. I followed the basic pattern by Yasmin . I used two skeins of Burnt Pumpkin and placed a stitch marker on one of the skeins to keep the confusion to a minimum. Added a crocheted stem and curl, no leaves, leaves were too much.


My cosy is keeping my tea warm and lovely as I type.