Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Duct Tape Easter Eggs,... Yup!

We had an idea.  Well, actually Mr. Man had the idea.

Mr. Man posed the question "Could we decorate Eggs with Duct Tape?"  And of course our answer was,... YES!.

K was all about stars and moons...

And the sun shining through...

And then triangles.  This isn't a great picture, but it looks like a bird wrapped around te egg.  Very cool.

I like the way K's  thin strips of duct tape turned out.  We might try dying egs using the tape as a resist.  Seen it on the interwebs, looks like fun.  I first went with covering the egg with trapazoids, duct tape decoupage.  They need to be small to keep from wrinkling.  Though I kinda like the wrinkled effect.

Then I wanted to do something Doctor Who and I was thinking about Sarah Jane Smith, and plain ole duct tape seemed just the thing.

I call it K-9 in Duct Tape on Easter Egg.  I may try to put a little Tardis on the other side, and then dye it all swirly blue and red.

We dyed regular eggs too,

And we made our Easter Egg Rolls, delicious.

K decorates them. We gave one batch to our neighbor D.  All in all it was a lovely day.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And this is what I sent!

And here are the goodies I sent to my partner in the Harry Potter Crafts 2011 March Swap. We both chose the Weasley family and my partner Jen, said she liked Ron best. So I decided to send a care package from Molly to Ron at Hogwarts. 

Brown paper and strings of course. 


Inside the larger package was Ron's Hogwarts trunk.  If you look closely at the scene in Philosopher's Stone, just when Harry meets the Weasley's, on platform 9 3/4, you can see that Ron's trunk is very weathered and shabby.  


Inside his box, there were two packages.


Of course, I had to send a little Weasley sweater. She sent me one too, funny! And Jen said she liked my Tunisian crochet book scarf, so I made her one of those too.  I tried to fit Susan in the box, she's been climbing the drapes of late, but she wouldn't fit.


The inside of Ron's trunk has taken quite a beating.  Ink spilled in the corner and I don't want to think about what else.  Poor Ron, all his things are so shabby.  But he got Hermione in the end, so I imagine he's got no complaints.


This was such a fun swap.  K wants me to teach her how to paint a trunk.  I think I'll get her all the bits for Easter.  Shh... don't tell her.

And I almost forgot my favorite part!  Jen is a scrapbooker, so I wanted to send her something scrapbookish, is that a word,... is now.  Anyway, I wanted to make her Molly Weasley's wonderful clock, so Photoshop Elements away!


I found some images of the clock and removed all the hands, then I found images of silver spoons and cut them out.  Printed them all on photo paper and there you go, a DIT Weasley clock!  Just add your own Family Photos, a background page, I can't wait to see if she can use it.

I've done some reading and I think a real Weasley clock, using a twitter feed and robotic drive, might not be all that hard.  Hum...

Swappity Goodness!

I just finished a Swap on Harry Potter Crafts on Yahoo and I lookie what I got!!!!

Brown paper packages, tied up with strings!


Our theme was the Weasley Family.  The little package one contained a tiny Weasley sweater, with a P for pj.


And the big package...


And let me tell you, it is beautifully made!!!  My partner is a scrapbooker and the pages are amazing, and detailed, just brilliant!!


I can't wait to try out the recipes!!!  K is already planning what to make first.  Butterbeer!


There are a gagillion pages and they are all absolutely wonderful!  Thank you again Jen!  We love it!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

AAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Run!!! They've attacked again!

Snowleks!!!!! And they are bigger, badder and bluer than before!!!!!!


And green too.


Amelia found a beach bucket and 1 1\2 TBSP measure were perfect for the colorful new guys. She sprayed the body with colored water, took quite a bit of color. She sculpted the heads with a Corelle cereal bowl and used a Children's Tylenol measuring cap for the head bumps. Vicious yet adorable.


And they are everywhere!! I was visiting some of my followers pages, and Lynda Bunting is besieged!!!! The Doctors have it all well in hand. Love it!

Peep has a baby brother!!!!!

Remember my little buddy Peep, cute, tough, tiny survivor, well she's home and happy and....... she has a baby brother!!!

He came really early and had some tough times, but he is home, healthy, and cute as a bug. I made him a little something to welcome him to his happy family.



I made up the pattern for the blanket, just a big granny square surrounded by smaller squares. I used Caron simply soft, cause I liked the baby blue. The baby baseball cap turned out so cute. I followed the newborn ballcap pattern I found on Crochetville.

I met the owner/operator of Crochetville a few months ago. We we sitting on a bench waiting for our children during All State Orchestra. We both pulled out our sticks and string and of course, started to chat. Crochet, officially bringing people together since the 1824.