Friday, November 16, 2007

Soccer coach gifts

K's soccer coaches this year were three wonderful women! They made every child on that team feel like they were absolutlely fabulous. And, more importantly, they made a group of fabulous kids into a great team.

Two of the coaches are young moms, one with a baby boy and one with a slightly older baby girl. Hubby and I helped take care of them during some of the games and they were the sweetest, most patient little people. We wanted to make them something to let their Moms know how much we appreciated all the time that they spent with our children, and not their own. So I got out the fun foam and polymer clay and made each baby a set of little shin guards. Each set is about 5 inches long with elastic straps and cloth ankle pad.

We plan to give them to the coaches at the school awards ceremony. I'm guessing the babies will wear them for 5 minutes and then tear them to bits. I'll have my camera ready.


Tab said...

Those are amazing!!
I totally thought those were real shin guards! I am sure they will just adore them!

pj said...

Thanks! They were a big hit. The little guy wore them for hours and was so cute. The mommy's loved them too.