Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Lil Potion Bottles

K and I love making little potion bottles.

Some we write by hand. Kids like them best.

We purchased a gagillian little bottles from American Science and Surplus last summer.

They are quite wee.

They are just the right scale for our little Skele - Gro bottle.

We have made little necklaces with all sorts of little bottles.

I like these best.

You can find the instructions here, or you can purchase one from my new etsy shop.


Tab said...

So cute! I adore little bottles, and I love the Science Surplus store too! (We always have to go there at least 5 times a year!) Your labels are amazing!

pj said...

Thank you! And you have been to American Science and Surplus,... I am so jealous.

Hope you have a great holiday! And a Happy New Year!

kailysn said...

Those little bottles are adorable! Where did you find the printed labels, or did you make them yourself?

pj said...

Thank you!

My daughter and I designed all the labels. Our inkjet printer coundn't handle the fine detail, so they were printed on our old laser jet.

I posted the label for the Skele-Gro bottle here

Thanks again!