Friday, January 4, 2008

Skele-Gro Label

Janice on Harry Potter Crafts said she liked my little Skele-Gro and that she was inspired to make her own. I thought I'd give her a start and post the jpg I created for for the label (took me a ton of freeze framing to finally figure out the wording!)

Happy Crafting Janice! Can't wait to see it!


janice said...

Thanks so much!!!.. (BTW.. Great blog!)


pj said...

You are quite welcome. It's pretty basic, but a good place to start.

Have fun!

Scarlett said...

Oh, I remember you, you created that great bottle. I love that, wish I could mold one myself!

Thanks for visiting my blog!.

I love your logo for our Potter Group!

pj said...


I visit your blog quite often.

Loved the Albino Brain Chiggers. We only had a few flakes where we are in Alabama. So there is bread on the shelves.

And you need to design a logo for our HPC group. Your banners are always fantastic!

Opinionated Ophelia said...

Wow thanks for this :) my party will be that little bit better thanks to you!

pj said...

You are most welcome! Party on!

Gallivanting Val said...

Thank for the free label! I am making a charm for the unfortunate Girl Scout that breaks a bone at summer camp : ( .... hopefully a fun gift with special meaning for years to come. Or maybe it will stay in my stash for years... that would be good too!

Thank you for sharing!

pj said...

You are quite welcome! I hope you don't have any reason to gift it!