Monday, May 12, 2008

Wee Beastie.

Several years ago, when K was just a little thing, she went through a time when she absolutely loved "My Friend Totoro." (The title is really "My Neighbor Totoro," but we have a VHS from the originally US release.) She had to watch it every day. So for Easter that year I made her a little friend, Chibi-Totoro,

I still love those little toes.


pren said...

hahaha that is funny. i love the eyes where did you get those!

pj said...

I made the eyes out of those buttons you cover with fabric and black buttons with the backs cut off. Hot glued them together and sewed them in place. I love the crosseyed effect.

They are not for small children. Repeat not! K was past the put everything in your mouth stage.

Buy the way, K loved your puffs, especially the feet. She is going to try to make a set. I'll post pictures when she's done.

pren said...

oh yay! i cant wait to see them!

Rita said...

OMG that is just to cute, I'm 30 and i'll watch My Neighbor Totoro about a million times now its my absolute favorite.

Any chance we can get a tutorial or patterns?

pj said...

Hello Rita!

Pattern? Oh dear. I made Wee Beastie years ago, just kinda cut and sewed till she looked right.


I'll give it a go. *looks at pile of unfinished projects filling dining room* Give me a week.