Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lookie what K made!

K wanted to make a gift for a friend of hers who loves also loves Doctor Who.

A 26" tall, squashy, plush Tardis!

Is that cute or what! K designed the whole thing and did 100% of the cutting and 95% of the sewing, (I sewed the stuffing hole shut with the truculent Kenmore.) The plumpy Tardis is made of no pill fleece and embroidery floss and is stuffed like a weiner dog!

"Adi Love Tardi"

It is pre-cuddled gift, the best kind.

Oh, yes. We are definitely making more!


sewhooked said...

That is adorable! My kiddos are going to die when they see it!

pj said...

K was all squee when she saw "Ms. Jennifer" liked her tardis. (You are of course forever beloved for sending her Doomwyte, still prominently displayed in her room.)

I'm heading to the fabric store today for more fabric and yarn. Big sale at Hancocks! Whee!

How's your Christmas Crafting progressing? Feeling a bit stressed myself.

Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

Here from the Doctor Who LJ community.


pj said...

:) K has gifted The Cuddle Tardis and is in a state of want herself.

We plan to make another tomorrow.

Pren said...

way to go k!!! wonderful

pj said...

Hey Pren,

K says:

Thank you! *giggle*

She got her bow for Christmas. Hasn't had a chance to get out and try it yet, we all came down with a stomach bug just after Christmas. It's a 16lb pull kids thingy. If she gets into it, I may have to ask you some questions about really bows.

Hope you had a great Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Pren said...

yaaay! archery!!! take a pic of her shooting id love to see it! she is just gonna love it. do you have somewhere that can help you out with some tips. like a class or something? or will she just be shooting in the back yard? if thats the case then i can give her some pointers if she needs them :0) oh its gonna be so fun to hear about her progress!

pj said...

At first, she'll be just shooting in the back yard. There's an archery range north of us, so that will be next. Pictures! Yes! A class! Yes, I'll start looking for a class on monday, if the people and the cat in this house stop barfing and reduce their temperatures to normal by then.

By the way, anyone know how to teach a cat to barf in a toilet?
*stares at kitty,... intently*

I love my cat. I love my cat.I love my cat. I love my cat. I love my cat. I love my cat. I love my cat. I love my cat. I love my cat. I love my cat.

Think I better have a little lie down now.

Pren said...

aaaaahahahaha! i WISH i knew how to do that! i have the barfingest cat EVAR. well feel better soon my poor friends ((hugs all around))