Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fun with food!

My dear friend Theresa is not only a fabulous mother, true friend, and all around wonderful human being, she is my local authority on all things green. I've been a conserving kinda person since forever, I recycle, have a diesel truck, compost, try to grow a garden (though this year, not workin' out), shop at thrift stores, make new sweaters/shirts/pants out of old... But Theresa is on a whole nother plane. She uses reusable cup insulators, fabric shopping bags, reusable plastic baggies, washable hankies,... you name it. And she is big into Bento.

Don't know what Bento is,... well in a nut shell, a Bento box is a compact, portion controlled, reusable lunch box originating in Japan. There was a recent article in the New York Times that caused all the bento box online stores to sell out within hours. I've been minldly interested in the concept for a few years, but Theresa finally got me to give it a try. Theresa has given K three cute boxes and a bunch of little accessories and we both just love them. They are cute and tiny and just such fun! And they save all those plastic bags and twist ties. Very green.
She just started a blog, I Love the Bento that you should really pop over and check out. Loads of cute pics of boxes full of fun food. Makes me hungry just looking at them. And I was her first guest contributor! I'm a real newbie to the whole process, so my boxes are nothing to write home about, but I really enjoy it. And I bugged her till she started a bento blog, so when she asked for pics, I sent pics.
Now, go play with your food.


Theresa said...

Umm, yeah. I don't have a diesel truck, don't compost, can't grow a garden, shop online, and can only turn old clothes into rags. I think I am the kind of person who can "buy green" and you are the kind who can "be green." But I thank you for all the more than kind words and I will be going now to play with my food - tomorrow's lunches won't arrange themselves.
Also, I can only aspire to be all those things you said, but they sure sound nice. and really picked me up today. Right back at ya - fabulous mother, true friend, and all around wonderful human being!

pj said...

As it turns out, I can't grow a garden either, so we're even!