Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Princess Leaf, there you are again!

Oh my giddy aunt!

Mr. Man just called and told me to check out the October issue of Initiatives put out by the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, and look what I found!

So the images that define our fair city are, the Japanese Bridge in Big Spring Park, the Saturn 5 Rocket at the Space and Rocket Center, the Antebellum homes in the Twickenham District and...... Princess Leaf!

Princess Leaf is our scarecrow, the one K and I designed and built when she was in kindergarten for a Scarecrow Trail at the Botanical Garden!!!!!

Isnt she cute! Princess Leaf was pretty cute too.

Over the past 5 years, our Leaf has appeared on TV and in print so many times we can't keep count. The year Leaf was entered in the Scarecrow trail, the director of the Gardens took her to all the morning news stations as part of their advertizement campaign. She's been featured on the Scarecrow Trail flyer ever since, I saw one in the mall last week. She pops up on the Gardens TV commercials and web site every now and then. And we got a phone call from friends in Illinois a few years ago when they found her in Family Fun Magazine accompanying an article about the garden.

And would you believe Leaf did not win the scarecrow contest.

In the long run, I guess she really did.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I got Bored Again...

Miss. Kitty likes big eyeball.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lil Pumpkin

Made a little pumpkin for the Harry Potter Knit and crochet house cup on Ravelry. I kinda sorta followed Armina's Ami-Nals Crochet Pumpkin Pincushion pattern, but I made a lot of modifications. The stem is totally different. Mainly because I am not good at reading patterns. I might submit it as homework in Transfiguation or perhaps in Charms, since I made two, one large and one small.
Can you submit the same project for more than one class? Hum... probably not.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


K and I went shopping the other day and it was not fun. She is hard to fit and it is so frustrating for her. We just wanted to get her a skirt to wear to the Daddy Daughter Square Dance her school was sponsoring. We found a brown hoodie sweater she loves, but very few skirts and none that fit. She was especially fond of one denim skirt she found, but it was just too small. No problem, I can make that!

So she wanted a denim skirt, that would be twirly, but not too twirly, would not show her shorts underneath when she spun, and would be easy to sit in. This is what I came up with.

The skirt has 6 gores and 6 short godets, a side zipper and a bit of elastic at the back for ease. I pressed the godets, as requested, so you can only see them when she twirls!

You also can't see that I cut it too big, based on measurements from the summer, before she started to shoot up a bit, and I had to cut 4 inches out of the back gore. It looks a little funky, but she doesn't care, so neither do I.

She loved it and had a great time at the dance.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cool and scary,... Mission Accomplished.

I finished two classes for the Harry Potter House Cup over on Ravelry.

For years, literally years, since 2003, I have been trying to knit a house book scarf, the tiny ones with pearl cotton, knitted in the round. I've started several times and have completely and utterly failed every time. Then I discovered Tunisian Crochet, Allelulia! It's easier, faster and almost as cute as the knitted ones. This is the one I just finished for Transformation Homework. The theme was blocking and tunisian crochet rolls like crazy. But it blocked like a dream.

For Care of Magical Creatures we were each "given" a niffler and had several options for homework. I chose to make something that my niffler found.

I'd been thinking about making a horcrux for a while, and then I saw Dragonsingers Slytherin's Locket and just had to give it a try. Thank you for the inspiration!

My first version had the eyeball lenses from a pair of googly eye glasses crocheted inside the locket, but they just wouldn't sit right, were too thick and looked too small. So I just crocheted the eyes. The S on the front was a bit of a challenge, I tried beads and different shaped S's, but I liked the sparkly green floss the best. I might add a tongue and maybe a bit of thickness to the body on the next one, maybe crystal eyes, I don't know, I'm still thinking. I'm rather happy with the result though.