Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Princess Leaf, there you are again!

Oh my giddy aunt!

Mr. Man just called and told me to check out the October issue of Initiatives put out by the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, and look what I found!

So the images that define our fair city are, the Japanese Bridge in Big Spring Park, the Saturn 5 Rocket at the Space and Rocket Center, the Antebellum homes in the Twickenham District and...... Princess Leaf!

Princess Leaf is our scarecrow, the one K and I designed and built when she was in kindergarten for a Scarecrow Trail at the Botanical Garden!!!!!

Isnt she cute! Princess Leaf was pretty cute too.

Over the past 5 years, our Leaf has appeared on TV and in print so many times we can't keep count. The year Leaf was entered in the Scarecrow trail, the director of the Gardens took her to all the morning news stations as part of their advertizement campaign. She's been featured on the Scarecrow Trail flyer ever since, I saw one in the mall last week. She pops up on the Gardens TV commercials and web site every now and then. And we got a phone call from friends in Illinois a few years ago when they found her in Family Fun Magazine accompanying an article about the garden.

And would you believe Leaf did not win the scarecrow contest.

In the long run, I guess she really did.

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