Thursday, January 7, 2010

We are not sporty kinda people.

K got in the car yesterday after school and announced that tomorrow, that is today, was going to be her schools annual "Wear your team sweatshirt to school day!" It comes around every year, but this year is extra special cause Alabama is playing,... some big game,... today,... against some other team,... Texas,... I think,... I really have no idea. Football?... Obviously, we are not sports fans.

Well, maybe one sport,...

We drove to the Walmart, cause Michaels didn't have any sweatshirts, and bought two orange sweatshirts, on sale for $5 each, (Yeah!) and raced home. K designed the logo, which is not cannon, (get it cannon!) but I really like it. I used t-shirt transfer for light colors and saturated the black when I printed it. Halfway through I thought I had ruined the shirt, it turned deep burnt orange where I put the iron. But when it cooled, it went back to normal. Love the team slogan!

Unfortunately, just found out this morning that the main color for the other team in the big Alabama game today is,...Orange! She will undoubtedly be stoned to death upon arrival. Unless her librarian saves her.

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