Thursday, February 4, 2010

HPC Bookmark Swap!

Harry Potter Crafts had a bookmark swap, just a small swap, I like those. For my partner, Puppetmaker, I wrote a note in green ink on parchment paper and folded it into an envelope. I wanted to put a seal on the back but my hot glue with a pound coin and sharpie technique just wouldn't work for me that day. So no seal. I wrapped her bookmark in brown paper and tied it up with string, one of my favorite things, and added one of Tiffany Vincents Owl post stamps and a Flourish and Blotts label I made from a sign I found online. And I slipped an origami Squid into the folded envelope, just cause it's so cute.

My bookmark was a Gryffindor bookscarf made in Tunisian Crochet and pearl cotton. I really liked the way it turned out. And it's the perfect size for Barbie! Or in K's case, her garden gnome.

The front side of this type of Tunisian crochet looks like knitting, but the back looks kinda ridgy and almost knotted. And after blocking, it lies smooth and flat.

And Puppetmaker made me...Two Monster Book of Monsters bookmarks!

The ravenous little beasties attacked before I could stop them. K suggested we tie them up to prevent them doing further harm. It's a really cool idea, I am just going to have to run with. Well, it does have eyes, how could I resist! Thanks Puppetmaker!


Puppetmaker said...

You are very welcome!

I really love my bookmark too.

You did such a great job.

I am glad that your bookmarks didn't chew their way out of their package.


pj said...

Your bookmartks have been properly restrained, and are of no further danger.

Glad you liked the bookscarf. :)

hallo said...

i love how you wrapped your bookmark -- that could be a bookmark in itself! very clever :)

pj said...

Thanks hallo!

I love to wrap my swap goodies, especially the HP ones. Just a little brown paper and string. :)