Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Doctor's Daughter

After much debate and many changes of mind, K decided to be the Doctor's new companion Amy Pond for Halloween. She chose the costume Amy wore in Vampires in Venice (one of two costumes Amy has worn thus far, that a young girl should wear.) The long, not pink, skirt and accessories were K's idea.

P1030971 copy

She desperately wanted Mr. Man to dress up for trunk or treat. I was going as Molly Weasley, so he was going to be Arthur, until we realized his grey hair would be ginger for quite some time if we used the red hair spray. Not an option.

Determined, K started rummaging through our closets and laying pieces out on the bed. Ten minutes later, I'd made the final piece, a burgundy bow tie, and K had made herself the Doctor's Daughter.


OK, she's been the Doctor's Daughter since birth, but this absolutely made her day.


StillNotGinger said...

TOO COOL! They both look awesome. :D Bowties are cool. Haha, I'm going to be River Tam from Firefly for Halloween.

pj said...

Thank you! Bow ties are definitely lovely things.

So many people have told me I need to watch Firefly. I'll have to now to figure out who River Tam is. Have fun on Halloween!

StillNotGinger said...

Thanks! xoxoxo

Yes, you must watch Firefly! It's one of the best series ever made. Defiantly a must see.