Monday, December 27, 2010

What in the name of sanity have you got on your tree!

Happy Holidays everyone! For Christmas, K and I gave Mr. Man a burgundy bow tie, braces and a Fez, cause, Fezzes are cool. So are bow ties. He has worn the fez for days, even to our neighbors for Boxing day lunch. DId I mention K's favorite shoes are red wellies. Oh yeah, the Doctor and little Amelia live in my house.

We also made our number 11 a little fez and bow tie to hang on the Christmas tree with his Tardis.

We made a few for friends too. :D

And because, every tree needs a fez and bow tie, cause they're cool, we wrote a pattern. Please feel free to make your own, and if you post it somewhere, please mention K and I and let us know, we would love to see!

Fez and Bow Tie On Every Christmas Tree.

You will need:

Burgundy or red yarn, whichever you like best. We used Red Heart Super Saver.
Size H Crochet Hook, our favorite size.

Fez Body:
1. Make a Magic ring and put 6 sc in the ring. Join with slst. (6)
2. Ch1. 2 sc in each sc. Join with slst. (12)
3. Ch1. (2 sc, sc) repeat. Join with slst. (18)
4. Ch1. 1 sc in the back loop of each sc. (18)
Continue working in continuous rounds without joining.
5. 2 sc in first sc. 1 sc in next 8 sc. 2sc in next sc, 1 sc in next 8sc. (20)
6. 1 sc in each sc. (20)
7. 1 sc in first 5sc. 2 sc in next sc. 1 sc in next 8sc. 2 sc in next sc. 1 sc in next 5 sc. (22)
8. 1 sc in each sc. (22)
9. 2 sc in first sc. 1 sc in next 10 sc, 2 sc in next sc, 1sc in next 10 sc. (24)
10. 1 sc in each sc. (24)
11. 1 sc in first 6sc. 2 sc in next sc. 1 sc in next 10 sc. 2 sc in next sc. 1 sc in next 6 sc. (26)
12. 1 sc in each sc. (26)
Fasten off bottom . Leave tail from magic loop to attach little thing on top of fez.

Little Thing on Top of Fez
1. Make a slip knot leaving a 6 inch tail.
2. Chain 4.
3. Slst in back of second chain from needle.
4. Slst in each remaining 2 chains.
5. Yarn over and pull both threads through last loop and cut leaving two 6 inch tails.
6. Pull both tails through hole in magic loop on top of fez. On inside, securely tie tails you just pulled through to the tail of the magic loop.
7. Cut three tails and turn fez right side out.

Bow Tie
1. Make a slip knot and chain 12. Turn
2. Sc in each chain across. Ch 1 .Turn.
3. Repeat row (2) until you have four rows Cut and weave in ends.
4. Wrap about 24 inches of yarn around the center, back and forth till you have a nice center. Tie off in the back leaving enough to make a 4 inch loop at the top for a hanger.

Did I mention, they are also the perfect size to dress up any fur baby.

Fezes are cool!

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