Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Day of School!!!

And we are crafting!!!! K made these stained glass note cards to use as thank you notes for her teacher gifts.




And she made two crosses for her homeroom teacher, Mr. S who is leaving this year.


K came up with the idea and the design, and Mr. Man and I helped her assembly line the cards. She really doesn't need our help anymore, but I'm glad she likes our company.

We took last day of school pictures today, same spot as the day she started kindergarten. Tiny K then


And now

Last day of school

Her backpack was bigger than she was, and weighted more.  And now I'm off to watch her step up to 8th grade.  *sniff* Crying already.

Post script:  I'm back, school is over.

The 7th grade class steps up at mass on the last day.  The seventh grade teacher was asked if his class was ready, he said yes and they crossed the isle to take their new place as 8th graders.  I cried.  K said she teared up too.  The 8th grade teacher, Mrs. C, immediately started whipping them into shape, no more slouching and daydreaming for them.  Stand up straight, sing loud, pay attention!  It is just funny to watch.

Summer is here.  Life is good.

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