Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I threw my first pot yesterday!

I had a rough morning yesterday, nothing really horrible, just not a fun morning, so I had lunch with a friend.  After lunch, she took me to a pottery studio and had a lady teach me how to throw a pot on a wheel.  It was such fun, I managed to make three pots, only messed up 3 in the process, and was told I'm a natural, to which I laughed and said thank you.

When we got in the car after cleaning up my massive mess, I asked my friend two questions.

1)  It's like crack right, The first one is free?  She said absolutely.  Though it turns out the first couple are free.

2)  She tells everyone they are a natural?  No!  The teacher is very nice, encourages everyone, but my friend has never heard the teacher say that to anyone.  Turns out, making a pot, that looks like a pot on ones first try, let alone three that actually look like pots, is unheard of.

We are going back to trim our pots on Thursday.  Might even take a class in August.

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