Friday, January 13, 2012

In response to the absolutely shocking lack of holly shaped dishcloths on the interwebs.

During K's Youth Orchestra rehearsal I sit with Mr. Man and a friend of mine, on the floor, in the back, behind the timpani.  Sometimes we are offical chaperones, but most of the time we just sit and listen.

Mr. Man works on his computer, and my friend and I play with sticks and string.  She's completing a cross stitch that she has been working on for a few years, and I spent December crocheting dishcloths for friends.  One day she saw me crocheting one of the wreath dishcloths and she said "Have you ever tried to make a holy leaf dishcloth.  I just love holly."  No, but hey, what a good idea.  I searched the web, couldn't find what I had in mind, quite frankly there is a shocking lack of holly shaped dishcloths.  Loads with holly motifs on a square cloth, but you know, I like cute little things, that look like... well cute little things.  So I decided to design my own.  Took a few tries, but tadaaaaa......  Holly Dishcloth, with a scrubbie berry!


This is actually the second complete one I made, the first was a little longer and thinner.  I'm really rather happy with how it turned out.  I haven't heard if my friend liked it yet, I was wrapped when I gave it too her and we had to run.

I'm very much in a dishcloth mood at the moment.  Toying with the idea of organizing dishcloth swap.  Anyone interested?

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