Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nail polish and a handmade feltie Chihuahua. Cool! And Cute!

K is going to a birthday party for a friend tonight.  She wanted to give her friend something cool and something cute.  She chose Magnetic nail polish, which is too cool, and a Chihuahua feltie from "Felties:  How to make 18 cute and fuzzy friends" by Nelly Pailloux, which is too cute and also very cool.


She even has a little bone!



I helped her finish the feltie last night.  She cut it out and put it together, I only got to sew a couple boring seams.  But we talked while we sewed and that is the whole reason I taught K to sew.  And so she could have the awesome power to make her own stuff.  But mostly the mom daughter time.


Anonymous said...

Looks great - it's super cute :D Your daughter did a great job.

pj said...

Yes, she did! And I had fun watching her work. She let me sew the bone!