Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh dear. What a bother.

I accidentally deleted loads of photos from my flickr account.  I was updating my mac to mountain lion and moving photo libraries, of which there are three, to an external drive and iphoto asked me a question and I made the wrong choice.


Any who,  I will be spending the next few... months uploading the photos, which were not lost, back onto my blog.  Please forgive the broken link mess.

Not really all that upset actually.  Should have done this long ago.  And the trip down memory lane is rather fun.  Lookie what I found

I made this scarf for a friend of K's, years ago.  We haven't seen them in years, but we've heard she has worn it to school, to church, and once used it to as the garland on a christmas tree.  She's an amazing young lady.  And her brother is really cool too.

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