Saturday, July 27, 2013

You're a wizard B!

A young friend of ours turned 11 the other day.  He found a little something on his front porch when he got home from his water park birthday party.  There was a white feather under the letter.  There was almost no wind, thank heavens.


He's a huge HP fan, and his mom said he was LOVED the letter, thought the detail was very cool.  He suspected I might have had something to do with it, I have made him HP stuff in the past.  After he read the whole thing, he ran to his mom and said "Tell Mrs. pj I know it isn't real because,... Albus Dumbledore is dead!"  Yup, that's why it isn't real.  Funny!

He told his mom at bedtime "This is one of my best birthdays ever!"  Cool!

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mousekemom said...

That is insanely cool! My son turns 11 in Feb and I would love to have that for him. What a great idea. Thanks for the Percy Valentine idea too!