Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Impossible Girl in her Journey to the Center of the Tardis Cosplay

K went to her first convention this summer, Con Kasterborous.   She wanted to be Clara in the dress from Journey to the Center of the Tardis.  Not an easy dress to find.  

So we decided to make one.  First we had to make a new Ducky K, she has changed shape a bit since the last time we made one.  Just an old t shirt, some duct tape and PVC Pipe.

Then we found some red material with a bit of black and white in it.  It's not a rayon type fabric like the original, just cotton, but it worked fine.  Bob helped keep that material right there on the floor. 

 We used one pattern for the skirt, one for the bodice and another for the sleeves.  I made a toile, and I
it went together pretty easy.  Ducky K II really helped with the fitting.  Makes it soooooo much easier.  And doesn't fuss when I stick pins in it.

After we had everything cut out,  I stenciled the pattern on the fabric with white acrylic paint. I used a piece of an old thin plastic cutting board and Xacto knife to make a stencil.  It went faster than you would think.   It's not perfect, but its a good approximation to the pattern.

Bob, helping again.

K made all her accessories.  I tried to find enough old ladies watches, super cheap, drove all over.  K went to Michaels, found all the bits and made her own bracelet for under 5 dollars.  Perfect.

And she made herself a History of the Time War book purse.  Just a cardboard book box, paint, thin foam and metal foil.  It was a big hit.

Con Kasterborous was AWESOME!!!!  We had so much fun!   Her clara Costume was a big hit.  There were tiny children in the Tardis that went traveling with Clara!

Mr. Man was her Doctor for the day.  So sweet.

There was an amazing full size remote controlled Dalek!

K got to go to Dragon Con for the first time too and had a blast! She went with her "Accompanying Doctor" and her friend the Dalek.

 And the Dalek's dad, Akbar.  Best costume ever!!!  IT"S A TRAP!!!!!

Can't wait till next year!


Old Fashion Halloween said...

What would we do without helpers like Bob? Cute ensemble. She looks proud to be wearing it!

pj said...

Bob is Awesome! He keeps all papers, fabrics, books,... firmly in place. He's very dedicated to his work.

She loved that costume so much she wore it everyday at Dragon con. Fun was had.