Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Scarecrow time again!

It's that time again! The scarecrows are up at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, We attended the Scarecrow Trail grand opening on Labor Day and had a great time. The fishing rodeo was wonderful. K. hooked, and released 8 tiny little fish and had a marvelous time. Even caught a little Bass. Cute little thing.

We've entered a few scarecrows over the years and had a lot of fun. (Not this year, too much going on, but maybe next.) Our first was my favorite, Princess Leaf. Designed by K. when she was in Kindergarten, Leaf was tiny, cute, colorful and easily portable. We brought her in late and missed the judging, but they must have liked her. The year she was entered, Leaf travelled far and wide as part of their advertizing campaigne. She showed up on several news broadcasts and I'm pretty sure she visited local schools as well. Last year she was prominently displayed on their Scarecrow Trail advertizing leaflet and, much to our surprize and delight, showed up in Family Fun Magazine, October 2006.

Leaf still lives in our garage and comes out to play in our yard for fall. She's a bit weathered, but still cute as a bug. Oh, it's almost that time again. I wonder where I put Leaf's head?


Anonymous said...

Princess Leaf is just Beautiful!! I just love this design, and I just have to show Princess Leaf off on my profile page. I will post a link, so everyone can read about Princess Leaf, and where she got her start. Great work K. I'm a fan.

pj said...

Thank you! Princess Leaf was such fun to create, and she lived in our front yard during the fall for many years.

I'll tell K she has a fan!