Monday, September 10, 2007

Have I mentioned we like Quilling?

Oh yes, we like quilling. We've made some fun cards over the years. The first was a Mermaid birthday card we made when K was in Kindergarten. She did most of the shaping and glueing and I did the rolling. It was hard to part with the finished card, but we managed with just a few sniffles. Me that is, K was fine after I scanned it.

K made this lovely aquarium card a few years ago for her art teacher. I helped with the jelly fish, but K did most everything else.

My favorite has got to be the Owl and Cat K made for her second grade teacher. Her teacher had given her the Harry Potter book on the first day of school. K read the first three that year. Hasn't been the same since.

Yup, a little paper, the right tools and a bit of patience and even a six year old can make something wonderful.

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