Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Potter Puppet Pal Pysanky

Happy Easter!


pren said...

OMG, so cute. when is easter!? all my eggs are gonna be harry pottery!
your HPC friend, pren

Scarlett said...

I love them. It has been so long since I did eggs.

But, I think someone poked out Harry's eyes.. lol.

pj said...

Hello Pren from HPC!

Loved your video! Great hat!

Easter is March 23rd this year. Less than two weeks away. *screams and runs in circles* Luckily, Easter won't be this early again until 2228. Did I mention, my christmas tree is still in my living room, fully decorated? *sigh* I'm just going to dust it and add eggs.

May all your eggs be Harry Potter!

Happy Easter!

Tab said...

Love the Harry Egg! I always want to do something neat, but they usually just get dyed on Good Friday in bright ordinary colors. Now you're definitely raising the bar!

PS I have my fully decorated Christmas tree still up too! I refuse to put it away until I finish the skirt I wanted to make it.

pj said...

Hello Scarlett!

You need to color eggs this year! K want's to make Doctor Who eggs next. And she wants me to tell you, the tenth doctor is hers. *K giggles and runs away to read Stone Rose* Actually, she really likes number five. Me, I like three, though I married two. Long story.

And yes, Harry has no eyes. Poor Harry.

Happy Easter!

pj said...

Tab! Your Christmas tree is still up! Yes! Thank you! You have rescued my self esteem! I feel so much better!

OK, you and your Fabulous Children must make the time to create some Doctor Who eggs to put on that tree. Just imagine little Dalek eggs. Or Ood! Ood eggs! Decoupage tardis eggs? That could work. *scurries off to find tissue paper and glue*

Crafty Tardis, Here we come!

Happy Easter!

Scarlett said...

Are you guys daft? Christmas trees still up??

You also can not make Dr Who eggs combined with Daleks.

Exterminate, Exterminate!!!

And I do like the 10th Dr. But give me Jark Harness anyday....!!!

pj said...

Daft: yup, that's me.

Dalek eggs attacking Doctor eggs? Sounds like a challenge to me!

And Jack is lovely, but, does he have a hover craft? And how could a little wrist strap possibly compare to Bessie?

I loved Bessie.

Scarlett said...

jack does not have a hover craft, but he does have beautiful eyes and a cool watch...

plus he has #10's severed hand....

does that count

I like Martha, better than Bessie.

I will have to look later and see if I can find my Dr Who finger puppet printouts.....

Got to do like 84,000 errands now.


Tab said...

Oh, Doctor Who themed Eggs!!!!

Now my brain is going a little crazy! Lots of planning to do!!
We can fill Crafty Tardis up quite quick with Who Eggs!

And would an Easter Dalek say Egg-sterminate!?!

pj said...

Doctor Who finger puppet print outs!!!!

Look woman! Look!

pj said...

Egg-sterminate! Offically love that!

But do we have time!?!? What is more important, Who eggs or sleeping? Hum

OK, Who Eggs, I really didn't have to think about that one.