Tuesday, March 4, 2008

That was quick!

I emailed the tvparty.com site yesterday offering my pictures. Last night I got a response, "Yes, Please!" I sent a short note and scans of my pictures this morning, and this afternoon, there they are. Wow.


Scarlett said...

Thanks for bringing in such terrible memories from my childhood. I could never get in on the Romper Room show, instead I got stuck going to the Bozo show. Bozo was mean to me. I wanted to be a do bee, and I never got over it.

Cool pic to see, nice to have that.

pj said...

Oh Scarlett! I'm so sorry. Bozo was a nightmare, my brother had one of those Bozo punching wobble things, he scared the pee out of me. Bozo that is. OK, and my brother. Anyway, You poor thing. Have a rest and a cup of tea, and try not to think about it.

By the way, your siblings experience with cows. Substitute rabbits and that's my childhood. I understand the whole, we were poor, eating was a good thing, but for pitys sake, don't tell the kiddies!

I think I'll have a little lie down myself.

Scarlett said...

Oh, rabbits, another funny story. I think being old as dirt, that I have a funny story for everything. I will have to blog the family story about rabbits later.