Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear Scarlett,

You like her, she's yours. I took one last picture with her Mum and Dad. She's half Chinese Fireball, half Welsh Green, but she takes after her Dad.

I'd be glad to send her to you, as soon as I rescue her from Kitty. Bad Kitty!

I've made this dragon many times over the years. The pattern can be found on page 31 in Mythical Beings by Jan Ansill.

You can find some wonderful origami dragons here, with references on where to find the diagrams. There is a diagram for a very similar dragon here. Just scroll down to the Rearing Dragon. I just love the wings.

A few years ago, my daughters school was having an international day. The whole school spent the day studying Japan and I was asked to demonstrate Origami to kindergartners through 8Th grade. I made as many models as I could, easy to intermediate, and all sizes. I held up each one and let the students tell me what they thought each model was. They had a lot of fun trying to guess the abstract ones and loved the more detailed models. The biggest hit was the dragon. I made a little one from a sheet of origami paper and a big one from a sheet of wrapping paper. Everyone wanted to make the dragon. Unfortunately, we only had time to make fish. But they were good fish, goldfish actually.

I'll post some more models, when I get them away from the cat.


Anonymous said...

I love these dragons! You do the neatest crafts.

Janice from HPC

Scarlett said...

You are so sweet. I bookmarked that site. I am gonna make a bunch of those dragons. I saw that Michael's had orgami paper last week when they had the scrapbook paper sale.

As for YOUR dragon, or should I say the Kitty's dragon, at least you got to take a picture.


pj said...

Hello Janice,

Thanks! I love your little charms, really well done.


pj said...

I managed to save Tiny from Kitty, but only just. Kitty likes to sit and watch me work, but sometimes the crinkles get the better of her.

Hobby Lobby has origami paper as well. And you can print off elaborate papers at the site I linked to for the goldfish. I made an origami nativity scene once using those papers for the kings robes. Turned out rather nicely.

Happy Crafting!