Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Harry Potter Paper Piecing... Oh, I like it!

The delightful and talented Jenn posts paper pieced quilt square patterns one of her blogs H P Paper Piecing. Her patterns are absolutely beautiful, and really quite,... easy is not the word, they are complex, but they are well presented and quite manageable. I have sewn two of her patterns so far, Fawkes the Phoenix, above, and Harry's Scar, which I made into a hobo bag for a swap this past summer

I've never been interested in quilting per say, but paper piecing is really fascinating. It appeals very much to the little mathematician that lurks in me, yearning for symmetry and curves approximated by straight lines.

Jenn is running a contest, design and make your own paper pieced Harry Potter based Quilt square. I'm not quite ready to design, but I can't wait to see the entries.


Scarlett said...

Oh, I love that! I have so much to blog about, need to find the time! Can you believe I know have a whole craft room??

I saw you opted out on the upcoming swap, darn, I was hoping to get you as a partner, maybe for Christmas.

pj said...

Hey Scarlett,

Aren't Jenn's patterns fabulous. They make my head hurt, but in a good way. :D

Your own craft room! Cool! Can't wait to hear all about your move and new house. I hope you, darling, and the fuzzies will be very happy.

Oh, I really want to participate in the HPC swap, (I've got a tiny dragon with your name on it,) but life has been so... snotty lately, I just wasn't sure I could finish in time. Though I just read that time spent is only 1 hour,... hum, I might could do that.

Let me think on it, and blow my nose, a few hundred more times. Buy stock in Klennex.