Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are hand feeding Hummingbirds!!


I know this is not a great picture, and I will get a better one, but can you see the hummingbird!!!!

They don't even wait for us to hang up the feeder anymore! I just refilled the feeder, the second time today, and there were at least 6 trying to eat while I held the feeder. The ones in the air fight and squeak and are generally horrid to each other. And they all look you over very closely, just in case you might be hiding something sweet somewhere. They are very interested in ears, especially those attached to little girls.


Scarlett said...

oh, you are so lucky. what beautiful bliss. In order to stop fights at the feeder, hang more out of vision of the first one.

pj said...

The funny thing is, there's a feeder or two in every yard in the neighborhood! I can see two others from my back porch. And they are all just as busy.

I think they've started to migrate down from the north and we are just over run at the moment. In a few weeks they'll be gone and Kitty will be bored. Until we put up the seed feeders, better know as the winter kitty entertainment system.