Saturday, January 3, 2009

My first,... and most likely last, Doctor Who Scarf!

Well, it's finished! And it only took, let's see, I started it in January after I broke my foot and finished it last October so,... FOREVER. We packed and shipped it just before Halloween to our very special Potter friend Mary along with a first movie Gryffindor scarf. (She sent us three of her handmade ceramic Daleks last year for Christmas. We kept the plumpy one on the left in the front and gave two to friends.)

I understand she wears the Gryffindor scarf all the time, but hasn't quite figured out how to wear a 20+ foot scarf to work yet. Understandable really.

A friend of ours thought this was the best way.

Bit constricting, but warm, definitely warm.

I made a 6" wide, 1/8 scale version for K last October, which was a nightmare of weaving in ends, not fun at all. She wore it to school and a her friends thought it was very cool. Mr. Man wants one he can wear to work. I'm thinking Bond Fashion Knitter! Much less time, double thick and no weaving in ends. Oh yeah, I'm so using the technology on this one.

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