Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Earaches are no fun at all.

K is still home with a fever. We saw the doctor yesterday, she has a sinus infection and that's what is making her ears hurt. Though as we have learned through experience, and our doctor readily admits, ears can look just fine at 2pm in the doctors office one day, and rupture the next.

Needless to say, she is not a happy camper. Her ear was hurting this morning, so I made her a small rice heating pad, just the right size to lay on her ear.

The fleece cover is removable and washable. You microwave the inner rice hot pad separately and then slip it into the fleece cover. Never microwave fleece. Just in case, I'm going to scream that last bit. NEVER MICROWAVE FLEECE!!!!! Sorry about that, just wanted to make sure everyone noticed the whole never microwave fleece part. Moving on.

Lil' Earache Relief Rice Heating Pad

Easy directions:

For a 6" by 6" final pad, you will need:

100% cotton muslin, 7" by 13"
fleece, 7" by 13"
about 2 cups of plain white rice
Sewing machine and/or needle and thread

1) Take the piece of muslin, 7" by 13", fold it in half and sew around the three open edges, leaving a 2 inch opening in one side.

2) Turn the bag inside out and fill it with rice. Sometimes we use Jasmine rice, it smells so good when it's heated, but this time we used plain old white rice. Fill it till it's full, but still soft, not packed.

3) Sew the opening shut, by hand and then machine, just easier that way. You now have a 6" by 6" rice hot pad.

4) For the cover take the piece of fleece, 7" by 13" and fold it so that the seam is at the center back and overlapped about one (1) inch. You can see in this picture what I mean.

5) Pin the sides and sew 1/2 inch seam on both sides.

6) Microwave the rice pack about 30 seconds, till it's just slightly warm and slip it into the fleece cover. Lay it gently on the little ones ear. Relief in minutes.


Heather said...

funny to find this because I just made some last night longer ones and thanks for the tip on the jasmine cuz the rice stinks lol

pj said...

The jasmine rice is better, but still has that rice smell. K doesn't complain, I think she's used to it, so I just make her's plain.

Have you tried adding some lavender or other herb? I've read you can add dried herbs, even herbal tea and it smells wonderful. I have a yoga eye bag that has lavender and it smells so good. Great for migraines.