Thursday, April 30, 2009

Schools Out for Swine Flu!

(Sung to the tune of Schools Out for Summer.)

Anyone else experiencing an unplanned 2 to 7 day vacation?

All city, state and county schools in 20 mile radius, are now closed. As far as I can tell, all private schools and most daycare facilities are closed. All school activities are canceled. All high school sports activities in the state have been postponed. All children's activities are canceled. All city parks and playgrounds are closed. All children's museums are closed. Pretty much anywhere you would take a child is closed. Children are to be kept at home, they didn't say in the closet, but I think it was implied.

The parents in North Alabama will be stark raving mad by Monday.

Oh, wait a minute, the malls are open. We're good.

(Actually, K and I are having a great day. We cuddled in our jammies, watched more Phinius and Ferb than is healthy, ate Oreos and marshmallow peeps and are now going to play some Wii. Might transplant some Baby Toes and Living Rocks later. Life is good.)

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