Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu Day Two. Nothing to report.

Well, we're all still here, confined to quarters and enjoying our flu days.

This is my humble opinion of the situation. In this area, we have all been exposed to swine flu, many of us have had it, more will get it and for the most part, we have and will recover just fine.

Loads of people in this area were sick with flu like symptoms over the last few weeks. We all noticed a rather late cold had hit and suffered through what we all thought was a bad cold with a stomach bug along for the ride. We all got through it with the miracle cure of chicken soup and Sudafed. We added loads of TV and popsicles for the kids.

On Friday, the health department reported there were two kindergartners in our area that were diagnosed as probably having had swine flu. They had been treated as outpatients and were recovering at home. They tested positive for type A flu and we're all still waiting for confirmation from the CDC as to whether it is Swine Flu. As a precaution, they shut the schools, parks, playgrounds, museums,... and cancelled all events. Some people are still coming down with flu like syymptoms, which will probably be the case for a while. Everyone seems to be recovering, except for the few people who are at risk.

So basically, it was over before the authorities even noticed and was your everyday average flu, not fun, but not really bad unless you're in the usual high risk flu categories. And even then, we've seen worse.

And we have two more days of rest and relaxation. No really all that bad actually.

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