Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whimsey swap!

We received our Whimsy Swap from Caitirin! Thank you !!!!

K saw the postman deliver the box and started squealing "It's Here! It's Here!" and ran out to get it. We were just about to race across town to K's first swim meet, so we didn't have time to open it till this morning. K wanted to open it soooo bad last night at 10 when we got home, but just couldn't keep her eyes open long enough.

For this swap, we each filled a 4 cup jar/box/bag/whatever with fun crafty stuff. Caitirin filled a mason jar and it looked so cute!

The jar was stuffed full of cool craft stuff.

There are pastel pom poms, two big erasers (a lady bug and a spider,) a bunch of small erasers (flamingos, palm trees and purple flowers,) wooden letters and shapes to paint, 4 lip glosses, a bag of blue green beads and silver beads and toggle clasps, a paper punch, a flicker light (brilliant idea,) some crochet balls on a string (K loved those,) big safety pins, three gel pens, a set of tiny maracas (cute!,) three spools of ribbon, and two sets of cool buttons.

Thank you Caitirin! One of K's all time favorite things is tiny erasers, so you definitely made her day. My personal favorites are the beads and clasps, I dibbsed those already. We both love the wooden two layer dragonfly, frog, lady bug and butterfly. They are so cute and they're stickers!

Thanks you again Caitirin! We loved it all!


Anonymous said...

n____n So glad that we picked out nice things! I had SO much fun filling the jar :)


pj said...

Thanks again! We've already used one of the beige buttons on a cell phone cozy. It was just the perfect color and size. K carries it everwhere and absolutely loves it. I'll post a picture as soon as I vanquish the vacation laundry monster.