Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whimsy Swap! Our Box!

Our partner magicalspirit has received and opened her box!

This is what we sent: Warning Pic Spam!

We just happened to have a jewelry box that was just the right size. It was a decorate your own kit, covered with butterflies and flowers. We were thrilled to find out partner loves butterflies! Was that perfect of what!

Miss Kitty did not fit in the box. Neither did our cauldron in cushion. But we stuffed it in the shipping box anyway. Miss. Kitty got in the box, checked it out and decided it was not suitable for a nap and got out.

Here's all the goodies packed in,

We love Origami and Magical spirit loves paper craft so, perfect! She also like dragon flies,

And we thought she might like a dragon who flies, if you throw him. Throwing not recommended.

And a tiny tulip in a pot of Alabama red dirt.

And a pair of butterfly earrings

And a necklace to match

And some tiny books,

And an origami book mark,

And a snail, who is translucent and very cool to fold,

And a lily pad with a tiny frog, which are both very tricky to fold, K had to help me with the lily pad.

And a panda, one of K's specialties,

And a tiny space shuttle, because we live in the Rocket City,

And another one of our favorite things, flower fairy dolls, handmade and so much fun,

And she likes beads, so a beaded dragon fly.

And a small gazing ball for her favorite plant

We also sent her a bar of soap, handmade by a lady we volunteer with at Burritt Museum, from milk from her goat named Scout. It was Apple Jack and we thought it smelled wonderful. K wrapped it in some paper she hand dyed. (She is big into watercolors at the moment.) K also shared some of her favorite things in the world, tiny erasers.

And a necklace to keep something she loves close to her heart.

We also sent her some crocheted goodies, a Clover, for luck, with a mossy bookmark,

And a crochet leaf bookmark, though K thinks it makes a neat necklace,

And last but not least, a ton of Puffles, because Magicalspirit is a fan of Club Penguin, some beads in our favorite tiny bottles, stickers, a glow in the dark bouncy ball, an eyeball ping pong ball, craft foam snowflakes, sequins, some cute note paper in a orental sho box, an oriental purse and a bunch more little stuff.

We hope she liked it!


sewhooked said...

WOW! Your swap is just amazing. All the origami is lovely, I'm sure she loved it. :D

pj said...

Thanks! We love to fold the paper. Miss Kitty is a fan as well, though she can't be trusted with the final product. Tiny dragons are way too exciting.

And I love that K is able to figure out the diagrams by herself now. She was so thrilled that she knew how to make a lily pad and I needed her help. I just love that.

ScrappyScavenger said...

Love these, new follower!

pj said...

Thank you! And Welcome! I'm working on another swap and my partner is a scrapbooker. I'm trying to make her some bits and bobs for her pages. It's Harry Potter Themed. Any suggestions? :D