Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HBP premier wear!

K decided she wanted us all to wear house scarves for the Half Blood Prince Premier. I must add, she decided this on the morning of the premier. :D As I am a squib, and even my knitting machine is not that fast, K took matters into her own hands.

She had just learned to fingerknit from a girl on her swim team this summer. (Remember me talking about how I showed up at practices with my sticks and strings and started teaching kids to crochet. Well, it went viral! Little girls and boys started showing up with their own yarn every day and by the last meet, there were wet children with yarn everywhere,... Brilliant! )

K designed her own scarves. Each is 6 foot long, two cords of the main house color and one of the accent color. The tree strands are then tied at 12 inch intervals with a bow in the accent color and the ends are tied together with the long strands left hanging for fringe. They looked Marvelous and were great for the 12 and under crowd during the more intense bits in the movie, perfect to bunch up and hide behind. :)

And we submitted them in the HP knitting/crochet house cup on Ravelry as our Charms homework. One down!

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