Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TV reporters can't resist the cuteness!

Mr. Man and I took K and her friends E and T to a couple of HP premier parties last night. K went as Ginny, E as Hermione, and T as a death eater. They were really cute. (We saw Ginny's uniform at the HP exhibit and were very surprised to see how different her skirt is from Hermione's. It's very slim cut, one box pleat in the front, and belt loops. Very plain, no frills. Quite Ginny. I'll post pics and a how to, someday,... I know, I'm terrible about that.)

At the first party there were crafts, games, snacks, and raffles for prizes. E won a gift bag filled with goodies and they were asked to pose for a picture for the paper. The photographer said it might appear in the weekend section tomorrow. At the second party they followed the reporter from the news around until he interviewed them. (Seriously, they were stalking him.) We saw them on the news last night and it was cute. I even recorded it! Good thing, because I got no pictures! Plans changed at the last minute and I forgot my camera. Though T did take a few pic with his phone which I will have to bug out of him.

We're going to see the movie today! Can't wait!

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