Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grammies Holiday Pillow Collection: Fourth of July

This summer we went to visit Grammie and spend a week in Mr. Man's hometown. We had a wonderful time relaxing with Grammie and visiting with a few old friends. We swam in Lake Michigan (actually, only K swam in the lake, it was too darn cold!) , visited the Museum of Science and Industry and spent three hours in the Harry Potter Exhibit, and spent the Fourth of July on Grammies back porch eating smores, playing with sparklers and watching the neighbors shoot off some of the most amazingly huge fireworks. It was so wonderful.

This year I have been making Grammie a holiday pillow collection. She really seems to like them, always has one in the big chair, and I've had a lot of fun making them. For the Fourth of July, I made her a Paper Pieced Star Pillow.

I couldn't find the exact star pattern I wanted so, I designed my own. It is of course, very simple and very much like many I found, so I won't pretend to call it original. But I could make it the exact size I needed and it really didn't take much time to design it. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. K picked the background material and the bobble fringe. I just love how it turned out and Grammie loved it so. success all around.

One problem: Grammie still had her Easter pillow on display, in July! I now see I need to make her some generic seasonal pillows, you know, winter spring,... just so she can have a little more variety. And I think I've been making them too small, only 12" square. They look tiny in that big chair. I'm thinking maybe 18" square would be better. So I'm going to buy two 18" pillow forms, and make the rest of the pillows 18" pillow covers. I've already started thinking about the Halloween one. *grin*

So that makes, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, and Fourth of July done. Only Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, St. Patrick's Day, Spring and Summer to go. Heaven's have I missed any? Hum... Better get to work!


Dragonsinger said...

Mother's day

Grandparent's day

Flag day


pj said...

Mother's Day! How could I forget Mother's Day! *dope slaps self*

Talk like a Pirate Day

Pi day

St. Swithin's Day

*evil grin*