Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last week of summer :(

Can you believe there is only one more week of summer!?! One more week and we send K off to Hogwarts. Actually, she's off to middle school, but she keeps telling me she got her letter from MacGonagall on her birthday in the spring and she and her friend E are going to Hogwarts September first. Our ickle firsty *sniff*, oh how we'll miss her.

Until then we are having fun buying school supplies and getting new glasses, uniforms and shoes. And books. Our copy of Deathly Hallows was in 6 pieces, one more and it was gonna get dangerous, so we bought a new paperback copy. And I made her a book scarf for her new book using Tunisian crochet!

I have been trying to make a book scarf for years using 5 tiny knitting needles in the round and just couldn't get it to work. But Tunisian crochet is soooooo easy and I love the result. If you haven't heard of Tunisian crochet, it's also called Afghan stitch and it's kind of a cross between knitting and crochet. You work only on one side and don't turn the work. It does stretch on the bias and lays a little curled, though not like stockinette. Maybe if I took the time to block it,... but I'd have to get it back from K and that's not happenin.

I've posted the pattern in a separate post, you can find in here, Tunisian Crochet Hogwarts House Book Scarf. Have fun and if you make one, let me know, send me a picture, I love that kinda thing.

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