Friday, November 6, 2009

What the young lady bassist is wearing this season.

K has two concerts coming up, one this Sunday and one next Saturday. K needs a white blouse, a longish black skirt and dress shoes for her concert on Sunday. She has to be able to carry and play her double bass while wearing said shirt, skirt, and dress shoes.

The skirt was easy, she can fit into one of mine and it looks great. We found some shoes that I think will work, or at least not hurt too much. We couldn't find a single blouse that fit, looked nice and allowed for movement. Not surprising, she's really hard to fit. So we ran to Hancock's, found a pattern, some crepe back satin she liked and I have successfully altered it to fit. *happy dance*

Here's the pattern: Kwik Sew 3319

She liked view C because of the pretty flair on the sleeves, but she wanted a Peter Pan collar. I was a bit worried but, it went pretty well actually. I made the collar flat, added a back facing to the neck and it worked.

I like the buttons she chose, so sweet.

I widened the sleeves and they ended up more 3/4 length which keeps them out of the way when she plays and gives her room to move. The crepe back satin she picked was a bit heavy, but not too bad to work with really, except on the sleeve edge. (Redid that a few times.) The size 14 fit in the shoulders and the length is perfect, it looks so nice not tucked in, so all I had to do was increase the waist and hips so it flairs nicely and add some ease in the shoulders so she could bow. The back pleat worked, thank you Pren, and looks quite nice. K didn't want the under bust tie, I think that was just a bit too fancy for her, but it really doesn't need it.

I made up a muslin first, the satin was $7.99 a yard, and it worked ,so I crossed my fingers and started to cut. (I am such a fearful cutter, I have to measure a thousand times, have a cup of coffee, think, make notes, measure again,... pathetic, but did I mention the satin was 7.99 a yard!)

And Tada!

K loves it, she can play in it comfortable and it looks so cute on her. Win!


Pren said...

that came out pheominally! great great job!

pj said...

Thank you!

I rarely make anything other than costumes and wear around the house stuff, so this was kinda nerve wracking. But I actually followed a pattern and it looks great. Cool and unprecidented!

Concert's tomorrow. Cross you're fingers for K not tripping over her long skirt and falling off the stage with her bass. Oh, and playing the right notes at the right time.