Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Fun and Crafting!

I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day! We really enjoyed our day with Mr. Man and he loved what we made him.

K made him a card inspired by one we saw online

I love the pen in the pocket. She was going to put a spot of red on the pocket, but that was a bit too Sean for the occasion. Instead, she made the tie blue and brown, because Mr. Man is her favorite Doctor. Mine too. :)

My card was an origami tie and shirt

When he saw it he said, "Hey, Dilbert! Cool!"

One of our gifts was an original creation designed by K and I. Mr. Man has a rather extensive collection of tie and tie accessories, mostly given to him by his Mom over the years, many from his Dad after he passed. He's wanted a place to store/display/easily access his accessories for years, but not a jewelry box. Something that could hang in his closet. So K and I put our heads together and designed a tie accessory hanging storage/display thing:

It hangs from and OLD wooden hanger his Mom gave him yeas ago. We found the material on the scrap table at Hancock's. The buttons came from the found button drawer in his grannie's sewing machine. K drew the design sketch and determined dimensions, then drew, tweaked and cut the paper pattern pieces. I helped cut out the fabric, cause that nylon was slippery. K sewed the long seams on the machine, I did the tricky bits and we both finished the hand sewing. It hangs a bit crumply when it's weighted down, but I think a little tie at the top center will fix that. Mr. Man loved it and we all had fun looking at all his tie clips and pins. Now we just need to add about 2 dozen button holes for all his cuff links.

Did I mention, Mr. Man only wears a shirt and tie about once a week? Too Funny.

Happy Father's Day!

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