Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sick day, Knitting and Kitty Mania.

We have been experiencing "flu like symptoms." Well K and I have, Mr. Man seems to just have had a bad cold. Funny, K and I got the flu shot and Mr. Man did not. Coincidence? Hum....

Anyway, in between laying around begging for Motrin and hot tea, K and I did a bit of knitting. I though it was high time she learned to knit on double points so we made little Santa Hat Ornaments! And Miss. Susan helped, of course.


K made the little one with the snow flakes. The pattern for the big hat is by Julie-Bird. I just cast on half as many stitches and winged it for the little hats.

Monkey looks just too cute in his new chapeau.


Oh dear,...


Bad Kitty!


Yes, I forgive you. Octopus and hippo came to join in the fun.


And then Miss. Susan decided she needed to sit for her portrait.


Yeah, she looks sweet, but she is one crazy ball o'fur. Climbs drapes, window screens, clothes hanging in closets, walls. Chews on anything, mostly me and K. She's driven poor Miss Kitty stark raving mad with her wild antics. Miss Kitty keeps giving me this look that screams "Why did you bring that thing home?!?!"

AND WE LOVE HER! She will lay in your lap for hours and let you pet her and cuddle her and roll over on her and all she does is purr. And then, when you're done, she jumps up and attacks your toes. Funny! Right now she's in my lap, purring like a truck, watching me type. Love her!

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