Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tea anyone?


I've wanted to make a tea cosy for years. The Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry finally gave me a good reason. I followed the basic pattern by Yasmin . I used two skeins of Burnt Pumpkin and placed a stitch marker on one of the skeins to keep the confusion to a minimum. Added a crocheted stem and curl, no leaves, leaves were too much.


My cosy is keeping my tea warm and lovely as I type.


Anonymous said...

I love this!!!

pj said...

Thank you! I love it too.

Thryth said...

What an amazing cozy! I love it! I don' think I've ever seen a better one before, and I've seen a lot of cozies!

pj said...

Thank you! I've seen quite a few like it, most with a lot more leaves and curls. Just seemed the simpler the better. Do you make tea cosies?