Monday, May 2, 2011

We are still here.

We all survived and the house is fine, just leaking a little.  One friend broke a hip clearing debris off his roof and a few friends homes sustained damage, one lost everything.  We now have power, water and phone so life is good.  Our elderly neighbor is confused, but we kept her fed and safe.  Friends are on their way to share our power and hot water.   And spaghetti!!!

Life is good for us, but so bad for so many.  K and I are starting to make quilts and blankets to give to the Red Cross.  Take care all.


Gene Black said...

Hi, those storms were really something. I hope I never see that type of devastation again.

It was good to meet you at the ceildh on Saturday.

pj said...

Hello Gene,

So nice to meet you too! The ceildh was so nice, it was our first and we really enjoyed it.

I love your quilts! They are really beautiful!

Take care,


Pren said...

oh my god lord! look at that map! scary. im so glad you guys are doing well. i AM sorry to hear about your friends and neighbors though.

pj said...

It was one heck of a day. We're still not quite recovered from the 4 days without power. That was not easy. Most of our friends are doing well. Just some roof damage and trees down. Though one man we know fell from his roof after the storm and broke a hip. Not doing well at all.

There's a new map that shows something like 28 tornados in one day in the state, loads more little ones near us. We had the F5, but there were plenty of F4's to go around.

And we were back in the basement again yesterday. We aren't quite as nonchalant about tornado warnings as we used to be. Bit more screaming and grabbing shoes and flashlights and less grabbing valuables and computers. We did get the cats, of course. :)