Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! Or meh, it's your call.

This is what K wore to school today.


It's a Steampunk Friendship Necklace.  A couple of weeks ago, I just happened to see an Instructable on how to make a Lego heart friendship necklace.  Those little 2x2 couplers are hard to find in anything but grey, but I managed to score some used ones in a few different colors.  K wanted the black heart, she's very into black these days.  And she's big into keys, so we added the key and the lock.  You unlock the lock


And then you undo the jump ring that holds the two necklaces together


You give the side with the key to your "friend"

P1120901 copy

And you keep the side with the lock.


Much less embarrassing than wearing some stupid gold heart thing.  If you would like one, let me know and I'll put up a listing on etsy.

K didn't give her key to anyone today, she has a terrible cold and is a bit meh about the whole Valentine's thing.  She's giving out these Valentine's by Beth at shimmering and white tonight at an Anti Valentine's Day Party.

Happy Valentine's Day!  Or as K would say, meh.

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