Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a Pen Valentine! Seriously it's a Pen!

It's that time again!  So we thought we would repost our all time favorite Valentine for you to make for all your friends!

A few years, K and her class were suffering from a severe case of Percy Jackson Mania! K's Valentine's were greeted with near hysteria.

If you are similarly afflicted, you can make your own! You will need:

White pens, cause your labels are white.  I found some this year at Target.
Mailing labels, avery 5160
Card stock
Template for backing card
Template for labels
Clear tape

Here is the template for the labels:

Put a label on one side of each pen as shown, kinda high up, so the clear tape won't be over the label.

Here's the template for the card:

Write your name, cut out the four cards, and tape your pen in place. Tada!  You and your friends will have brains full of kelp in no time!

Happy Valentines day!


Kim said...

That is GENIUS! I'm a big kid (19 lol) and I read the Percy Jackson series last witner. It was amazing! I would have loved to get one of these valentines! So genius!

xoxo Kim

pj said...

Thanks Kim!

They were a huge hit with the pre teen crowd. And really so simple to make. Next year you can make them for all your fiends, and one for you too.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

What font did you use on the card?