Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our cats own us. We're OK with that.

We promised K that when Miss. Kitty passed, we would get two new kittens/cats/fur babies.  And, since life is short, it is kitten season, and we always follow the butterflies, we have already started the search.

We went last Saturday and met some darling fur babies at Pet Smart and fell in love with at least a half dozen of them. They are being fostered by A New Leash on Life, the lovely people that our lovely vet recommended we contact.  We filled out an application, they contacted our vet, who said we were good cat parents, and we have been invited to an open house tonight.  Kelly told us to bring carriers.  We plan to sit down in the midst of all the kittens and take home whichever two fur babies love us best.  Two.  Just two.  TWO.   O.o

Part of the adoption process at A New Leash on Life, is a home visit.  So I thought, why not share.  These are our fur babies.  Miss. Kitty *sniff* is standing, and Susan is reclining in the Advent Wreath that they fought over all through the Christmas Season.  Right after this picture was taken, Miss. Kitty smacked Susan on the head and chased her off.  She loved that Advent wreath.  *sigh*

Miss. Kitty was our first fur baby.  Loved sleeping on the couch in her pile of leaves.

Was very helpful with homework.  Kept those books firmly pinned to the table.

And she was always an avid bird watcher.

Miss her.  *sniff*

Miss. Susan has lived with us for 2 1/2 years.

She is a full time sleeper.  And Mandrake it turns out.

Loves "Helping" with the Laundry.

And everything else.

Caution:  Very sweet and cuddly at times.  At others, like a fur covered sack o' razor blades.  Pointy on 5 out of 6 ends!

Where do our fur babies sleep?  Anywhere they want of course.  Beds, tables, couches, pillows, floor, fireplace step, mandrake pots,...

Wait a minute, are those the expensive orthopedic pillows I bought for my neck?  Yup.

The view from the front window is great!  The back isn't too bad either.

What do cats do for fun in our house?  Well, how about two scratching posts, a paper bag, and about 5,236 cat toys.  Miss Kitty used to mine the house with those little crowns at night. Take one of those to the instep and you remember for life!  Susan prefers those tiny jingle mice, the ones with the real fur.  Yeah, if she ever got outside, nothing would survive.  No outdoor cats, EVER!!!!

And of course, two litter boxes.  May make that three, we'll have to see how it goes.

The new little fur babies will spend the first week or so in their own private accommodations.  They will have their own litter box, scratch hidey hole, and some sheepskins to cuddle in.  And toys, a nice, little, safe selection, including one tied under the door to another on the other side of the door, very short string.  Great way to safely get to know your new friends.

Needless to say, We can't wait!!!!

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